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cutting back .. the series

The left arm is in neutral, neither heading in nor heading out, the left arm doesn’t know what the head is thinking so it’s sticking close to the left leg and waiting for a directional message to issue from there. The right arm has been fire-rocketed out the back so far, and so fast the committee here need a marine architect to draw its relocation trajectory.


Nick Carroll


He’s done a Colombian neck-tie on the wave. Cut its throat. Kids have all the attitude.

Juan Juan


It doesn’t matter who is who on top of the board these days, they all want to rip off one of these dis-functional showboat spraytop finpopping back-sliding cutbacks.

Jordy Smith


Here Mick has his head pointing south, his hips looking west and his leading foot turned north – That’s about as pretty as Kate Moss on a catwalk.

Mick Dooley


We must however comment upon the position of the arms, both of them. They are nicely weighted and attractively positioned but Brent, they are in the neutral position – they are neither forward or back, neither here or there.

Brent Asato


Ms Gilmore’s face shows the strain of getting it back around and being a comp she probably hopes the beerpigs in the judging tent aren’t as sharp as they are paid to be.

Stephanie Gilmore


Jim is a bit of a throwback and this manoeuvre is half way between a Kanga, a Rasta, and a plane crash.

Jim Banks


It’s all in the fingers

Ian Kanga Cairns


Nevermind all this sycophancy about Curren and Parkinson and the rest of those haole wimps, those white faced pretenders, those pathetic baby wave riders – Eddie has got the moves.

Eddie Rothman


Potters’s craven acceptance of the temptation to whang off a slice of wave-top for the shot has completely destroyed his natural equilibrium and the result, although an attractive pic for the kiddie’s bedroom wall, is in reality a lesson of the power of vanity over ability.

Martin Potter


Tom Servais took the pic and if he hasn’t made a million out of it by sticking his lawyers onto sites like this who pay nothing for using the image he should at least know that I for one appreciate the gesture.

Tom Curran


In the early days Carroll didn’t realise the pivot benefits of coming around the backhand corner with all the knees bent and the backside lowered to a squat – but that didn’t mean he couldn’t assassinate moving water. The little bugger would never slow down, still doesn’t.

Tom Carroll


We can only imagine the sound that the manoeuvre must be making,

Mark Occhilopu


We, the committee, can commend the career pro boofhead for pulling off such a good move with a bare chest – doing it without a contest singlet – a step backward is a step forward if you know what we mean.

Joel Parkinson


Workmanlike, that’s what this is, a tradesman’s change of direction.

Mick Fanning


This glassy little frother hardly deserves the drama.

Dane Reynolds


His whole body structure in this frozen instant is not unlike that of a dancer, there is speed and a delicacy.

Michael Peterson


A fine example of the concentration of weight to that area of the body that is the least sensitive – the arse

Andy Irons


We look at the spray – 1st class. The hair swept back by his huge momentum, again 1st class. The physique – the man is toned no doubt. The hair colour – blonde – This shot has all the hallmarks of immortality

Matt Archbold


All his pics tell the story

David Rastovich


same with this bloke

Richard Cram


Then there’s us.


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