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martin potter cutting back

Gustavo from Brasil writes ‘ howabout this one ‘  ^ – gus comes from here and you might need a little portogueso to read his message.

Thank you indeed gus. The Pottz, as pictured, comes in the same catgory as The Archbold – in that he’s possibly doing all this for the pic opportunity – it’s not as if Hornbaker rolls up to your home break with his camera without being invited.

The following deserves attention:

(1) His back foot is fully extended and his knee is locked – this is not good as a third of his body weight is now unmanaged. He has however managed to extract a good sized squirt of wave-top. This is mission accomplished to the more corporate amongst us – Bless you and your endeavours.

(2) He has jammed his trailing arm in the water too hard and in order to recover has thrown his leading arm up into the air parallel to the inclination of his head – this also is not good. In fact it’s probably an involuntary move and not an attractive outcome to use the parlance, unless you do air guitar.

(3) His head has already started to come around for the turn back out and he’s going to have to be quick in unlocking his knees to get the rest of his body weight synchronised for the exit – This stage of the manoeuvre has potential though we don’t like the neck-tuck, there looks to be a misplaced momentum release there. Like a golfer, he needs a good follow through for his shot. This one’s buggered. Bogey.

(4) Potters’s craven acceptance of the temptation to whang off a slice of wave-top for the shot has completely destroyed his natural equilibrium and the result, although an attractive pic for the kiddie’s bedroom wall, is in reality a lesson of the power of vanity over ability.

(5) There is enough wave left under him to come around fast and there may be a deep forehand drive available in the bottom half of the wave if he twinkles – but Pottz was always quick, even on the pool table.

Which reminds me, there is still an amount outstanding for pool-table hire at Moby Dicks (Whale Beach) for that night when the younger Carroll and Potter, plus all their hangers on, denied members use of same for three hours – your early attention to these arrears will be appreciated.

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  1. Stu #

    I’d call this one a top turn gouge rather than a cutty, but then who am I to argue with those abs?

    January 4, 2011
  2. Thank’s for the mention, Pete!
    I agree with many things in your analysis, but still think it’s a great pic and it would still have a place at my garage wall (not at my bedroom anymore, I’m 35!).
    I think it’s all about each surfer’s style, and at that (pic) time when I started surfing, as a regular I really enjoyed Pottz style.
    About Stu’s comment above, I agree it’s really not a plain cutty, but in my point of view that maneuver cuts back anyway.
    I’m going to keep following your blog and the “cut backs” analysis!
    Cheers and thank’s again”

    January 4, 2011
    • Anytime gus, the whole cutback thing is really just a giggle – after that we have surfing book covers, corporate logos (plenty of scope for ridicule there) – and a chapter on what its like to live next door to 12 brasilians in avalon


      January 4, 2011
  3. Oh my God!! Twelve???
    I hope they are twelve GIRLS!
    If not, I’m sure you have been paying for all your sins!!!
    I lived (studying) in Sydney from 1999 to 2001, but even I would not stand living there next door to twelve brazilian blokes!
    Hope at least those ones do not drop in!


    January 4, 2011
    • One of them had his mother stay over for three weeks and every day she would hang her knickers on a line strung outside the garage door – right at the top of the (shared) drive, and in full view.

      Tell me gus, was I missing some sublimable message there?

      January 4, 2011
      • hummmm, let me think…
        I reckon it depends on the size of the knickers, mate.
        If it was a “g strings” small knickers, I think you have missed, indeed!!!

        January 4, 2011
      • tres petite

        January 5, 2011
  4. I could read this all day long Pete. And Stu’s point about the abs is disturbingly poignant. They look like a lobster’s belly after scarfing down all of Lance Armstrong’s steroids. Thanks. Now I’ll never get a good night’s sleep.

    January 5, 2011
  5. Mike #

    Still photo slut days… just like his airs,never intended to land. Inadvertantly, Potter made Christian Fletcher look like a God because Fletch had functional airs wired and they could be shot in sequences…..

    January 5, 2011

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