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Posts tagged ‘Tom Carroll’

joe green’s choice

Jack's dog, Elsie

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why chicks don’t dig you – the body

Women don't look at men with the same hot-blooded concentration as we do them, this is anthropoligical. A man's glance is like a searchlight, it always goes the same route when it's switched on.

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ballet and surfing – 1 – how to look like a real champ.

surfers and ballet dancers - are they interchangeable? .. today's focus.

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martin potter cutting back

Thank you indeed gus. The Pottz, as pictured, comes in the same catgory as The Archbold - in that he's possibly doing all this for the pic opportunity - it's not as if Hornbaker rolls up to your home break with his camera without being invited.

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tom carroll cutting back

The kid has completely stuffed it, he's probably paddled out into the middle of a local comp that he wasn't invited to and decided to chuck a few heavy swathes.

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