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south – Toby and the un-shuttered window. story 18

Mandarin characters were inscribed on their surfaces and every twenty feet or so a small stone bench had been erected beside the path as a place that suited a person for a moment's reflection.

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The most powerful man in the world .. for now.

Rupert Murdoch

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Here,’ she said, so beautiful, so serene, ‘just above the elbow, it won’t do much more than sting, but just for a little while.’

‘How long?’

A moment passed. Her perfume lingered.

Then she moved to the next man. 

Whose unravelling dreamscapes could not have possibly been as beautiful as mine, if only I could remember them.

72Jackson Pollock style inspired Drip Art Original image 1


purely ‘old’ byron _ a new cosmetic line.

It has been sadly noted that Elsa Pataky's (pic) Purely Byron venture into the cosmetic market has failed and the administrators have been asked to attend to the ruins.

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Putin The Conqueror’s (YouTube/ Alexei Navalny)


The conquered’s ..

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