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aub laidlaw’s body is a-turnin’ in its grave

he would have been busy this morning ..

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a small silver bream, probably not quite legal

seen through the RSL club's window

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jitta jitta

me and my little mate ..

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rafael, his day …

nothing really matters

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the hotel

We're in town drinking this afternoon. Drinking and talking. Watching.

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a little man, skinny, wiry, deeply tanned ...

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the oldest trick in the barber shop

blink and you'll miss it ..

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The Chinese Way ..

Confucius described old age as a “good and pleasant thing” which caused you to be “gently shouldered off the stage, but given a comfortable front stall as spectator.” This honorable sentiment paints a melancholic image of how senior citizens should be treated, given peace in their twilight years while able to freely dispense their wisdom to younger generations.

Saturday 22 Oct 2022. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao is gently shouldered off the stage during the closing ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.

despised …


Slouched, shrunken, aged. Putin listens to the woman who dares question him about his war … he picks his fingers and wishes her away.




the body.

The police car pulled in at the motel carpark just after lunch ..

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diner en blanc – the new bondi

... if it's good enough for the poodle

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where’s the avalon mafia these days?

a man has to marvel

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dave the dog

dave's big on the nose.

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as far as kings go, this bloke will do me

The beach, where all men are equal….

A most gracious lady

HM with my wife’s younger brother, Flight Lieutenant Terry Cairns RAF  … she’d just presented him with the Sword of Honour, and not for the first time. He told me he thought she liked him, as he did her.

As we can see.

selling the farm

She fled

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bring back the bliss

Remember the bliss of riding a wave, a long uncrowded wave on some lonesome stretch of coastline?

Now we have this.

pic lifted from aquabumps .. ta Uge

Followed by coffee and a chat about times long past. So I’m directing this post at the old Bondi codgers who were there back in the day and like me, sometimes think the old stoke is gone forever. It’s all killer barrels and mechanised surf these days, that and beaches crowded to despair. The art seems to have been subsumed.

Well, maybe … but have a quiz at this bloke and tell me you don’t want to be doing it yourself.. I could watch all day.



He shook the entire row with his uncontrolled shuddering as John McLaughlin sprayed us with his machine gun riffs and Billy Cobham jungled up every drum on his stand.

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andy cochran .. some things are owed.

Every day, day after day, onshore and off, good and bad   .. Bondi ... just like he's looking out of his bedroom window at the real thing, because it is the real thing. 

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Sometimes it takes a wife of over fifty five tears to remind a man of a fellow he once met and have forgotten since

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