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sick of the bullshit?

“Two doses of Pfizer or AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine are nearly as effective against the highly transmissible Delta coronavirus variant as they are against the previously dominant Alpha variant, according to a new study.”

“Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday showed the vaccines were highly effective against the Delta variant, now the dominant strain worldwide, provided a person had received two shots.”


Now we can get on with it.

And stop dreaming, Chicama

a five star foul up

shit will most surely happen.

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To: copywriting staff

from: newsdesk editor – 4th floor.

subject: unauthorised use of the external fire escape facility – 3rd floor.

Gentleman and ladies. You are hereby forbidden to use said facility for recreational purposes, I refer in particular to the obvious use of marijuana.

Any further transgressions of this nature means heads will roll.


Ramsgate Farfeather, Snr Editor.

car keys .. a modern fable

... in three parts

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dave rundle exhibits a masterful insight into australia’s most profound mystery ..

If a bloke was to read the Adelaide Advertiser recently he might learn that the SA Govt has decided to dig up the 72 year-old remains of The Somerton Man.

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every now and then it needs reminding

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the priest

writing is like gambling

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It plays

B side.

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the mystery sound 2

this sort of thing makes my day

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a peculiar irony

back at you Aub

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the mystery sound 1

I'm picking it for a win.

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wave refractions and bull sharks

the richmond

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surf porn

Only a surfer .....

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I got a kick out of you …

Lorraine Lambert wrote ” We never landed one of those wealthy boys from Double Bay or Vaucluse, so we bade our time and saved our dough, then took off on a world cruise.”

Well, from one of those boys, Lorraine, let me say there may have been one or two of us who wouldn’t have minded been landed.

bondi girls by lorraine lambert (nee irvine)

Here is my poem written for my old mate Robyn Millet and all us ‘boomers ‘ in memory of the great times we had growing up in Bondi.

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the american influence

an australia day special

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being alone

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surfers and sex

The sea is a ruthless mistress

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some of bondi’s rascals

blame rooster for what follows.

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the hawkesbury school


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Lead me on

For those in the north.

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up there … in the sky


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ray, from redfern

upping stakes

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the outsider


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byron bay

Header pic of Main Beach dunes and Pier Hotel lifted from site owned by Kerry Baunach (below)  … some old faces can be found there, especially Wendy’s. Somebody should remind Mick Trenerry how lucky he was.

Images of Byron Bay

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