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and cheap champagne

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Bondi .. it’s going

The new owners have moved in

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a family lunch

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meeting corky carroll

early days

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Two images of Russian soldiers ..

On show

On trial

rincon and back

a kind of odyssey

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Private Bede Kenny and his VC

Kim Jong Un and his generals

the carer

without looking back

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Anzac Day

Lest We Forget

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giving the finger

yeah, YOU!

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rusty utes and ugly feet

flood relief

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the flood

April 2, 2022.

I watched a set of fifteen foot mud brown barrelling rights breaking half a mile off Ballina North Wall this afternoon all unworried by the trails of distant boardriders and glistening strangely in the afternoon sun, too heavy with silt to blow out a spume as their concaves collapsed to then wash up on the beach almost spent only to disturb the opalescent scrimmage of thousands of black carrion flies feasting on the swollen carcass of a drowned calf.

how’s your recall?

I'm betting there aren't too many out there who can put names and places to these covers,

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how to get rid of blow-ins with extreme prejudice

killing two birds with one stone

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how to read the stockmarket.

the knicker index

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the trek

We moored the Bona to the south of the harbour entrance in a well protected cove sheltered from the brisk south-easter that had propelled us up the coast

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days after the flood

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the ferret

we've had a bit of rain up here lately

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certain nuances of behaviour and taste that distinguish older surfers from the current age.

In latter days we were the masters of both our environment and the ability to choose music that defined our generation.

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two portraits –

Putin & Assad. Brothers in war.

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