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june 2016 – gallery


The (almost every) fifty year storm off the east coast of Australia – pics lifted from swellnet and coastalwatch.


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the avalon nuggets

peace on earth

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the first teaser

a throwaway

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the politician

.. he's honest.

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Howard Marks 1945 – 2016

' I'm just an old hippy, I like to get stoned and look at sunsets.'

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lismore and its people

Janice does checkout

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two men

and a long limbed woman

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a bondi slideshow

.. for those who were there

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byron bay’s masterplan

and a few avalon nuggets

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farmed leopards

The problem.

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max, he’s seen it all

Lismore babes, how they sparkled at the Pier Pub on Saturday nights

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lindsay from inverell.

.. and an attractive woman in a dress of autumnal colours

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