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earlier (australian) days

A collection – just for old times sake.

Come on in, the water’s fine …

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Pics lifted from various websites.

Dooley pic by Jack Eden.

Farrelly pic by John Witzig.

Hardman pic by Miztaken.

Col Smith pic by Dan Merkel.

Head pic by Jack Eden.

Peter Crawford pic by Steve Core.

Jodie Cooper pic by Mike McAuliff.

Luke Egan by Steve Baccon.

Munga Barry pic by Peter Wilson.

Pete Townend pic by Martin Tullemans.

who let this happen?

"Once a hotspot for keen surfers, the small beachside suburb of Avalon is now home to a swelling group of young creatives raising their kids away from the rat-race of Sydney."

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done with debbie, now following penny

updated 8 jan

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the next headland

planned publication 2109

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what bondi called you

the early collection

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Scott Dillon …

... quietened at last.

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the plan …

.. and the stool-pigeon

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no apologies

a riff

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caught speeding …

and the river Ganges

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writing and reading

‘What is written without effort


in general

read without pleasure.’

Dr. Samuel Johnson.

how to behave in the company of a surfing legend

etiquette, out of the surf.

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The Leach

The litter of love ...

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bondi forever: the documentary

... and it's all down to TJ

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