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what I heard, about george greenough

He hasn’t changed much.

We never met, George and I. The closest was in 1964 when I coat-tailed a friend into the house Bob Cooper, Russel Hughes and Bob McTavish were renting up at Noosa. They were all in the kitchen. McTavish was talking about himself, Hughes was looking at himself and Cooper was bent over the kitchen table drawing some vision on butcher paper. GG wasn’t around then but there was something in the air.

So that was about 48 years ago and the other night I was talking to the fellow who took me to Noosa that day. Allan Algae Reid. He’s been married to Elaine* for 40 plus years. I stole a kiss from her at the Keever’s old Wategos cottage about the same year I never met George.

We never talk about it.

Alg was telling me about George.

‘ He goes out to the bombies around the Cape and links them all up on his …. craft,’ says Alg, ‘ it looks like a mat but the thing is only half full of air and can be used as a kind of bodysheath so GG can plane it out and accelerate when the wave starts to get steep and throw, and then he can shift its function to something similar to a hull-cut and carry on through the fat bits – still at full speed and no slap-bumps because he’s changed the in-water configuration of the thing somehow – until the next shallow section shows its boils. ‘

This threw us. Greenough has invented something new to ride waves on has he? – and on the bombies out behind the Cape where all the local White-pointers meet for lunch ..

‘ – and if anyone reckons he needs company he just buggers off and goes further out and further back around the Cape. ‘

I wonder where the old bloke is out today – there’s about a 10’ swell jacking up into the north coast and he won’t be looking for company.

Chris Brock, Greenough, Gary Keyes and McTavish at the Wilderness Factory

Angourie 1969

SW magazine Vol 12., No 5, 1969



header pic lifted from swaylocks forum – gg at cape byron in 2005

  • Elaine (Larnie) Reid died a few weeks back.
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  1. sjh #

    Ahh good old GG one if not the first prototypical affluent surf hippies to bless our shores

    June 10, 2012
  2. sjh #

    Walking up the track Connelly coming the other way checks my new custom 6,9 double ender with beautiful green translucent flexi long tip single fin nice shape looks like one of george greanough, s shapes , I say fuck of rob its taken from a boppin bob s template .

    June 30, 2013

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