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Cochran here …

I only write what I feel .. AC

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beach bounty

A bloke could wander up and down windswept beaches for half his life before finding one of these.

So I stuck it in the boot and brought it home. Later on that day I wondered what the stink was when I got back into the car to go get Friday night’s pizza.


existentialism and an email from dan webber – no relation to dewey

Header pic is of the late Dewey Weber, aka the little man on wheels.

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Lyon’s big six, the kid, Usman the Muslim, champagne and brown snakes

another day in australia

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Рахманинов “Благослови,душе моя,Господа” Rachmaninov Vespers 2

A letter to ‘Sticks’ Perrottet, the Premier of NSW

I would like to apply for the soon to be advertised position of CEO of he RAT Audit and Fine Collecting Procedures Department.

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