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Lyon’s big six, the kid, Usman the Muslim, champagne and brown snakes

Nathan Lyons, the Hookinator, clubs a ball out of the Hobart ground in the 5th Test just finished  … look for the kid in a white cap and blue top belting out of the ground, he’s thinking that ball is mine!


Pat Cummins, the captain of the Ashes winning side and absolute legend, tells the grog artists in his team to stash their bottles of Moet champagne so Usman Khawaja, the only Muslim in the side can join them for the team pic.


Seen this morning down at the local  .. If it’s not tsunamis or sharks, it’s the brown snakes that will get you.

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  1. Terry Jenkings #

    Thanks Pete…and here I was stupidly wondering why they flicked Usman out of the first photo…. and, the GOAT has put his hand up to be considered an all rounder!! That’s fine…the old Gazza couldn’t have hit it as sweetly as the GOAT ( which was an insulting name back in the day). Times change.

    January 17, 2022
    • Terry, I’m thinking Cummins and his mob will get a pretty good reception when they land in Pakistan for the next series.

      January 17, 2022
      • Terry Jenkings #

        I wouldn’t be the bus driver for quids.

        January 17, 2022
        • I don’t know about that, it’s not often a Muslim gets that sort of respect from sportsmen in this country … speaking personally, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

          January 17, 2022

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