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thrush trumpet

it was the recurrent, non-consensual
low grit/high volume sand enemas that got me.

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gone fishing

I’d be walking past this family, doffing my cap and saying ‘how do ye do.’ before carrying on towards the northern dunes, which I would climb.

Dunes that ended at the shallow waters of Rose Bay.

Where I would fish a little east of where the Wintergarden sits, bring in a few blackfish.

That’s what I’d do.


North Bondi then and now

Pic by Uge at Aquabumps
The 235-tonne boulder at Ben Buckler was believed to have been thrown up by heavy seas on 15 July 1912.

Beautiful Bondi – 1926

It’s not often we get a glimpse such as this of the generation before ours, and partway into it I watched those kids coming out of Bondi Public and heading for the beach – looking for the ones with no shoes, then I looked at their sun-bitten faces and saw Bondi written all over them.

Then there was the babes … and a handy demo of toothpick directionals. The Palatial Bondi Hotel. The kid who wouldn’t get out of the panorama beach shot. A beach inspector telling two grown men wrestling in the sand to pull their heads in. It’s all here …

No sound.

Lifted this from Bondi Longboarders FB .. thanks for finding it.

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