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thrush trumpet

thrush trumpet ..

That’s the name this bloke gives himself and this is the comment he made on Swellnet the other day. Whoever he is he does outstanding work.

‘Agreed – cover shot is exquisite. 

Balls deep in a gaping wide-on.
Props for the commitment, respect, and dedication –
Sliding into a large, angry & (plus-sized) hole, with a moisture content calibrated in metric tonnage.
Hope he escaped?
Although, knowing that place – (other than special circumstances) – she likely swallowed the poor bugger, whilst exponentially gaining thickness, cavernous hollowness, and of course – the unpredictable, belligerent, and logic defying climax – spinal injuries and recurrent ,non-consensual
low grit/high volume sand enemas.
[that being said – I always pick the wrong lumps there, and get smoked – mostly due to incompetence]
Props to the rider., photographer, and I hope a trip over the falls, given the grunt of that beach was avoided.
3 beasts One pic.


It was the recurrent ,non-consensual low grit/high colure sand enemas that got me.

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