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The South Bondi Surfboard Riders Club Logo – updated yet again.

< This  baby   … and I want to talk about whatever it is we are looking at here.  Because I’m not sure and I’ve been wearing the thing for, I dunno, twenty years? Forty?

For instance:

What’s the surfer wearing? Nobody I know has three arms and catches waves.

And the dance move? Travolta? Was he born then?

And the suggestion of a misshapen, though impressively large male appendage? Getting that weapon  loose of the boardshorts would strangle a herniated prolapse. But then again, maybe that’s what the third hand is doing. Easing a fraught passage.

Was someone taking the piss here?

Who was responsible for the Artwork? Somebody must know. Bondi has its ancients.

Mr Terry Jenkins! Step forward. You’re the man for our history and you regularly drink coffee with the ones who helped make it. So it’s down to you find out who who created this thing, and I reckon it was a sheila, that being the case Ted the red might have some insights.


TJ, always the gent, has sent along a stylish 1950 version of the logo (below), suggesting that the later cap version is a little suspect in its origins, like most of the blokes wearing it.

So, who’s this bloke?


Ask yourself old-timer, would you walk around Bondi wearing this clobber??

Same again .. kind of

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  1. Terry Jenkings #

    Settle down Pete – the lockdown has got to you. I believe most of those with knowledge of the logo design are now surfing the great shore break in the sky. However, I will chase down Tony Rule when I can to get an answer.
    I’m sure Andy will claim the appendage….and if Scotty were around he’d claim the dance step which would be based on Elvis ( not Travolta).
    Wayne may have been able to assist, but he now hangs out at Phillip Island …but I’m sure he will read your plea to be updated after about 70 years of the Logos existence!!!!!
    ! I took little notice of most goings on back in those days as I was , as a 10 year old, mostly fascinated by how Mr Cochrane was able to “ strut” the Promi . The artwork for a logo was not high on the priority list for me in the 1950’s.
    I will of course float your historic query by the Table of Knowledge at the Beach— but, most have trouble remembering where they parked their car let alone who did an artwork 70 years ago.
    Hope you are well and keeping on top of it up there. I got out of Sydney for the first time in yonks last week and visited some old Bondi mates down the South Coast. Everyone is still wearing masks in Mollymook 😊😊.
    Back to you soon,
    Bondi Forever, Terry Jenkings.

    November 10, 2021
  2. We got it from Magoo who had the original, it was reproduced for the 1995 reunion and Rick Teodo used it for the caps at the 2000 reunion.
    I’m not sure who came up with the original but Tony Rule may know. He’s living at Macksville and t Shirt has coffee with him every week.
    I still keep in touch with a few survivors and Dooley will be 80 on 20 November. Andy has been crook but getting better but have not contacted the Canadian Kook for a while, he had Covid but survived ok. I also believe Peter Rae has left us, tried phoning him but number was disconnected and letter was not returned. He did have cancer.
    I should give you a call next time I’m up north, probably in the new year. Just got back today, caught up with Max Bowman at Bruns.
    Red Ted

    November 11, 2021
    • I remember a time when there was no catching Max Bowman.

      November 11, 2021
  3. Lorraine Lambert #

    Hi PeterHere are some photos of my T shirt from the 1995 South Bondi Boardriders reunion. I also have photos of old friends who were 

    November 11, 2021
  4. Mike Bennett #

    To Red Ted & Pete. The Canadian Kook is alive and well in AZ. Survived Covid and back to tennis, golf and the good life. Can’t wait to get back to Hawaii to check out the surf. I talk to Andy every week, he’s doing great. Also talk to another old Bondi boy Rick (the Rooter) de Ruter once in awhile. He’s still in Scott’s Head, checking out the waves every day and surfing as much as he can. Red Ted, thought you were coming for a visit, com’on over mate! Looking forward to seeing ya!

    November 12, 2021

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