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Hampus Naeselius doesn’t surf

Hampus Naeselius is a Swedish composer living on the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean where he creates music for film and visual media. His music has been featured in both licensing, TV spots, trailers, advertising and films.

Born in Stockholm music was part of growing up. Pink Floyd and more specifically the song ‘Sorrow’ became the start of creating his own music. Hampus music embodies classical tradition with sweeping spaces of rhythm and sound. IMDb Mini Biography

Hampus doesn’t surf. But what he has done, unknowingly, is put down what is a perfect three minute track for a massive session at Jaws a couple of days after the Eddie finished. Seriously, some of the track overlays are so precise with the vision it was like they were meant for each other.

So turn it up to full bore  .. show your neighbours no mercy.





no place for old men

home is where your heart is ..

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no name – the little right nobody rode


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deterioration ..

or how it all goes wrong

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pic by Marty Olsen

pic by Uge

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