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Posts tagged ‘George Greenough’

steve shearer, the hunt for lobster

The two basic rules of surfing are that - you have to be on a wave - you have to be on your feet.

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what I heard, about george greenough

He hasn't changed ..

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lennox head is for learners.

How can it bad be to have thousands of Japanese and Brasilians going home with no idea as to how to ride a wave, despite the lessons.

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the gilltrap

Living in Yamba, being part of the great design - all for the love of riding a wave a better way.

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the harbingers of ruin – lennox head

The little widow that ran the general store in Lennox was only too happy to make us a sandwich, and when she was out in the back kitchen we helped ourselves to this and that from her shelves – and now, after forty-five years, I know that we were the harbingers of the ruin of Lennox Head.

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