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Jeffrey Smart was an Australian painter known for his detailed paintings of urban landscapes. Employing the style of Precisionism, a movement started in the 1920s by American artists such as Charles Sheeler, Charles Demuth, and Stuart Davis, Smart’s work maintains a consistent level of smoothness and uncanny sense of reality.

Smart adopted this aesthetic in part because of interest in the work of Edward Hopper and Pierro della Francesca, creating an eerily surreal quality in his paintings of industrial spaces and urban places.

Smart on died June 20, 2013 in Montevarchi, Italy.

The above is not one of his paintings, it is a photograph of an isolated woman taken by Roger Stonehouse and published by Fairfax Media today.

And is a sign of our times.

Painting by Geoffrey Smart.


SMH pic by Rhett Wyman


Painting by Geoffrey Smart


SMH pic by James Brickwood


Painting by Geoffrey Smart

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  1. Shane Fisher #

    A Misanthropes Poem

    This World devoid of humans
    Such absence
    It is Wonderful
    No degradation

    The Skies are clear
    Nature is creeping back
    I am inspired!


    May 13, 2020

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