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Diary of a WW2 Fighter Pilot

This is the most impressive and detailed presentation of a transcript I have seen from a donor.

Robert Fisher

Assistant Registrar, Acquisitions | Collection Services

Australian War Memorial.

Click to access leigh-bowes-flying-log-book-service-diary_small_file_size-2.pdf

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  1. Peter Feehan #

    G’day maaaaate,

    Very impressive! What a guy!

    Hope all is well with you. Hi to Angie and girls.

    Pete and girls


    April 25, 2023
    • Back at you Pete, hullo to all the Feehan’s.

      April 25, 2023
  2. Gavin Paterson #

    Pete, I think I’ve commented on this before, a real labour of love. Very appropriate on this of all days, Lest we forget.

    April 25, 2023
    • You have to admit dad saw plenty of hopeless movies … though he did better at cards and water polo when not dropping 1,000 lb bombs … He described once what it was like landing a P40 on a steel mesh strip with a thousand pounder hanging off the undercarriage only six inches clear of the ground. Sometimes they dropped a few in the nearby lagoons and later paddled out to scoop up the dead fish for dinner.

      April 25, 2023

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