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aub laidlaw’s body is a-turnin’ in its grave

Aub Laidlaw was the head sheriff of Bondi Beach back in the day when young boys rode balsa surfboards, when South Bondi was home to miscreants, truants, off-duty coppers, thieves, vagrants and metho-drinkers. Anyone losing a board outside of the designated board riding area risked having it being confiscated by Aub, locked up in the surf club and only released after the Mayor said so …

Aub was also the post-war equivalent of the Iranian Morality Police as one of his responsibilities was to make sure young women didn’t wear swimsuits so brief they inflamed lustful tendencies in the men who gazed at them. So he measured them, the bikinis, got up close to the girl, stood her up, measured the hip-side width of of her bikini and if it needed to be done, ordered her from the beach, sometimes in front of thousands of people. Men too, whose brief sluggos offended him.

Aub loved it. Loved the publicity, loved it how we at the south end hated the sight of him.

He would have been busy this morning.

Nude people on the beach

pic by Spencer Tunick –


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  1. I’d read about this event Pete. Funny how some events travel round the globe in seconds!

    November 27, 2022
  2. Lemmings …..

    November 27, 2022

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