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Tony Abbott … champion surfer

Fined $500 yesterday for not wearing a mask in Manly … says he’ll be glad when the dob in mindset is over .. reckons it’s un-Australian, forgetting the covid infected woman who bolted isolation from Strathfield on a train with her two kids the other day and was taken off in Port Mac together with everybody else in her carriage after someone called the cops – now all of them are in quarantine. Much better we be like Tone and let the virus rip, you reckon? Lock-ups be buggered.

And this bloke was once Prime Minister!.

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  1. John Wayne #

    What an absolute dickhead .
    Almost as bad as Scummo but that’s not possible.

    September 11, 2021
  2. It’s not enough he has the parliamentary pension, the 20% super, the free office and staff, the free air travel, bonus membership of 1st class lounges, free limo plus driver, lucrative speaking tours, offers of well paid jobs by foreign governments and every Tom Dick and Harry tugging their forelock when he walks past them on the Corso. All that for nothing and he surfs like a man with three legs.

    September 11, 2021

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