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rick oahu ..

Born Rychel Aaiuhu, currently adopting the name of Rick Oahu, the malnourished and sallow product of a doomed coupling between his teenage Andaman mother and the mis-timed ejaculation of a drunken American Military Policeman on the Brisbane docks in June 1944. Born squalling from a cold womb and onto the soiled sheets of a dockside whorehouse. Fed whisky soaked rags and stale bread in the cradle, mothered by every whore in Brisbane, in a fashion.

the boy


This other man, a bitten down Australian youth with the wide shoulders of a surfer stands over his devil and punches into a drum of river pebbles with a remorseless energy, each blow knuckle deep, every blow always with the one hand.

the weapon-makers


A tourist bar targeted by terrorist bombers, a rugby team mown down, a bomber jailed and six Australian sporting philanthropists seeking deep satisfaction raise two million dollars.

dr. sans and the outline


And for the first time in 6 months Oahu allowed the hashish seller to leave a ricepaper-wrapped smear of the oil with his midnight coffee.

the target


Saturday, October 11, 2003 Posted: 5:40 AM EDT (0940 GMT) Yangon, Burma (CMN) – Onsite sources have reported at least seven convicted bombers have been lifted from Jails in Myanmar Thailand and northern Borneo in what appears to have been a successfully synchronised jail break.

the reckoning



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