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the adventures of rick oahu ~ chapter 1 ~ the boy

The following informal and unstructured narrative is classified for limited Secure release under Gov. Ord 1127- 2008.

The author remains unknown, and the subject remains of DFAT and Intelligence interest to this date.

Rychel Aaiuhu – An Orientalist, a man of bad fortune destined for a life of misadventure.

Fear, anger, fury

Born Rychel Aaiuhu, currently adopting the name of Rick Oahu, the malnourished and sallow product of a doomed coupling between his teenage Andaman mother and the mis-timed ejaculation of a drunken American Military Policeman on the Brisbane docks in June 1944. Born squalling from a cold womb and onto the soiled sheets of a dockside whorehouse. Fed whisky soaked rags and stale bread in the cradle, mothered by every whore in Brisbane, in a fashion.

Defiled at aged three by an opium-sated youth celebrating his Degree in Law. (Note: The matter against the infant defiler RO was never filed) Lost to the streets at six. Judged as an uncontrollable thieving and violent child by the Queensland Children’s Court on numerous occasions, presented in court as almost mute from some inner rage, some inner age.

Untested accounts of his violence attribute him to the blinding of a child brothel keeper in Yeerongpilly in 1952. Unreliable witnesses agree that the eight year old stabbed Rayko D’juro in both eyes with his fingers, repeatedly, after waiting for him to drink himself into a coma.

The lad was fostered out to a succession of Sydney homes unsuccessfully, where running away from danger slowly evolved into standing and fighting it, regardless of the odds. He subsequently he grew up as a cunning and friendless youth and a fearless brawler who would use every bone in his body to overcome an opponent. Oahu joined the Army in 1960 aged 18 and killed his senior close arms instructor at Puckapunyal camp two months later.

RAR File available on request.

The instructor was alleged to be an emigrant Russian paratrooper seconded straight into the Australian Army Reserve after his arrival from Spain in 1946. A shaven headed and brutal man with an alleged fondness for pain. The Courier Mail reported that the man’s naked and broken body had a tattoo of a tiger’s head on his chest.

Another local paper postulated that the man was in fact a Serbian and a member of the Tigers Head Battalion, an infamous army of commandos that terrorised the border populations of Montenegro and Silesia after the war; impoverished regions bereft of local fighting men and subject to marauding and vengeful bands of foreign militia and renegade SS deserters. The Serbian’s tongue and eyes had been brutally dug out; eleven of his ribs had been caved in by three massive blows, and all ten of his fingers had been snapped.

And Rychel Aaiuhu  became untraceable.

Further information on request to ASIO 3335rww, (66654 nz111.78)

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  1. I am very offended by this post Pete. I shall not read another until tomorrow. Good day sir!

    March 23, 2011
    • what hurt blaster? the wretched birth, the mixed race parentage, the early life, the brutality, the murder?

      Confide in us my son, we take advice – and besides – it gets better ..

      March 23, 2011
  2. Tuff #

    Spencer!? Thou jests…

    March 23, 2011
    • a word in your ear tuff, wtf are you meaning there?

      March 23, 2011

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