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kev and the stinkboat

Kev’s over from Lismore and with the flood and all nothing much has gone right for him lately except that today by chance the old mate from Trinity College who found him sleeping rough and eating handouts in Ballina remembered he had some long unused fishing gear stashed in his garage so it didn’t take long for him to go back home and claim it then bring it back to Kev knowing he was always keen on the fishing caper as a kid and here’s the Richmond clear of mud at last and going by the number of tinnies out and about it must have been full of tucker when all a bloke down on his luck would need to be dining like a king would be a bag of fresh fish a bit of driftwood of which there was no shortage and a box of matches.

Alan and Dimitri had to be brought back to the pontoon Kev was fishing off by the Maritime blokes after the engine on their new stinkboat conked out going over the Richmond bar which they were warned not to attempt but being from Queensland they knew better which didn’t go down well with the two Maritime boys so after restarting the stinkboat’s donk* they left A&D the job of getting their boat close enough to the pontoon to get tied up without dinging the hull which by the sound of it they were while the Maritime lads untangled the bowline and stern springer to secure the boat against the tidal drift and all the while there’s Kev sitting on his bags fishing and in everybody’s way but if you think he’s going to move when there must be a hundred silver bream taking turns to tug on his line then you don’t know how stubborn a Lismore man can be.


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  1. Bennison Books #

    Don’t stop writing 🙂

    July 26, 2022

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