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a day at the races

Not everyone realises the turbulent emotions that can be aroused when what was started as an innocent day at the races is roiled by circumstances beyond control.

Drink is taken. Tempers flare. Harsh words are spoken.

Shit happens.

pic 1

Here we have the punter on the left giving the out of shot, navy-blue sleeved gent on the right a ‘You fucken lookin’ at ME?’ challenge while unaware of the lack of technique shown by the fellow to his left having a blind swing at the gent in the pink shirt who seems to be preparing to be attacked by the tattooed mohawk. Meanwhile, Denice looks on.

Ok so far?


pic 2

Things have moved along. The punter appears to be fully engaged with the navy-blue sleeves just as security has rolled up to take a non-participatory if benign interest despite being asked by Denice to do something constructive. The wild swinger may or may have not dealt with the mohawk and has moved out of frame, either that or he’s underfoot. The appearance of red petals will be explained as we proceed.


pic 3

Halfway through the encounter now and we can see the punter has re-engaged with the wild swinger in what looks like an ungainly attempt to land his right hand somewhere hurtful while at the same time demonstrating he has developed a sturdy right thigh which he appears to have had tattooed in a Bali ink-parlour. We’re not sure which of the participants was responsible for tearing his trousers, possibly the man he’s trying to kill.

Meanwhile we have the onlooker who appears to have a proprietorial interest in the techniques displayed by the fighters in that he has his wallet out and is possibly hoping to place a wager on the winner of the bout.


pic 4

The wild swinger is DOWN!

This victory is celebrated by Denice, who, unfortunately, has decided to smack her bunch of flowers down upon the vanquished rather than present them to the victor, who seems intent on laying in a few low blows while his opponent is attempting to right himself using the punter’s tie as leverage. The two onlookers appear unimpressed. The crowd has dispersed. Security isn’t apparent.

The day’s entertainment is at an end.

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