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the target – a rick oahu adventure

Georgetown, Malaysia.

Spent opium fumes soured the air of the second floor room that Rick Oahu occupied above the Joss House on Queen Street, and after deciding to pay his regular respects at the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple, returned to his temporary lodgings to read Alistair M’s psychological appraisal of the Yangon Prisoner.

Report on Suspect.

First up was an image of a fresh faced and smiling youth, a handsome boy grinning widely but with faintly muddied eyes that evinced a sullied look of sly defiance.

Jongan Cruz was born in Mindanao in 1981.

He has no criminal record in any Province. (Refer Police Index para 124C)

For the period from January 1998 to March 2001 he travelled from Afghanistan to Chechnya on numerous occasions. (Refer subset customs entry/exit III_B Entry Certificates)



Dear Boy is suspected of being a member of the Quea-Dong Society, a loosely knit brotherhood of highly trained individuals who regard the killing of holidaymakers and tourists as a justifiable and professional occupation in the pursuit of a universal political wholesomeness.

In fact the Quea-Dong Society assumes the roll of predator-at-large for no reasons other than that the job pays well and the travel opportunities are endless.

They are at the call of various organisations in Asia and the Arabic States, who incidentally fancy that their covert methods mirror those of the Intelligence Agencies of the Great Western Powers.

With true affection


And for the first time in 6 months Oahu allowed the hashish seller to leave a ricepaper-wrapped smear of the oil with his midnight coffee.



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  1. Al R #

    These are great. Keep coming back to chapter one. I like them in a similar way to how I like the Job Applicants in yer Lineage book.

    September 2, 2016

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