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the reckoning – a rick oahu adventure

Mass Escape of terrorists from sub continent jail.

Saturday, October 11, 2003 Posted: 5:40 AM EDT (0940 GMT)
Yangon, Burma (CMN) – Onsite sources have reported at least seven convicted bombers have been lifted from Jails in Myanmar Thailand and northern Borneo in what appears to have been a successfully synchronised jail break.

Eyewitnesses told CMN that no shots were fired in any of the breakouts and all the choppers had announced their intentions in local dialect and by loud hailer as they hovered above the three prisons.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong office of The Centre of Oriental Studies professed no knowledge of this series of organised escapes, all of which bore the hallmarks of previous and unproven outrages allegedly committed by the same organisation.

Dr. Alistair Sans was interviewed from a hospital bed where he is undergoing treatment for undisclosed ailments.

“ My Company does not have either the ways or the means to mount such a risky exercise, we are an international recruiting Company and have no interest in terrorist activities.”

Oahu flew them from North Sentinel Island to Bandung,

then from Bandung to Sumba,

Sumba to MV Ulysses off Dampier,

MV Ulysses to shore at Port Lincoln,

Port Lincoln to Sydney.


The vehicles began to arrive at the pre-destined time of 2am and within an hour more than five hundred men had arrived in this desolate place in the darkest and coldest time of the night.

Vehicles registered in every state in the country, cars from Forbes and Coogee, Dubbo and Perth, Cairns and the Alice.

The freshening southerly whipped over the dark ground with squalls of over 50 knots driving solid seawater sheets up and over the clifftop.

And far below the Tasman heaved itself relentlessly against the million year old walls of slowly yielding sandstone: the ocean seethed and roared in an irreconcilable and driven fury.

The last vehicle to arrive – a black van – was driven into the centre of the ground and parked as the waiting men ringed the oval, shoulder to shoulder.

Many of them wore football shirts, others board shorts, others in suit and ties and a couple bare-chested and wearing sarongs.

None were protected against the wind and rain and neither did they talk as they stood leaning into the hard air.

A torchbearer approached the back of the van and sprung the doors, and as he stood back seven men slowly filed out into the rain. They were told to stand in a line.

They wore shorts and thongs, sarongs and thin shirts, and were quickly soaked by the stinging rain.

Another torchbearer led seven of the waiting five hundred men onto the centre of the field where he asked that they stand in a line facing the Yangon seven.

The van was driven off the field.

Someone punted a football into the middle of the ground and Oahu ghosted his way between the two teams of unsmiling young men, blew his whistle into the unrequited and stormy air and signalled time on.

Nobody was spared.

surf cliff night


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