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gary birdsall, his art

Gary Birdsall’s name should be whispered with great reverence, he has credentials – he’s from Cronulla and he’s a goofy foot. Gary likes to do a bit of art .

The Bus to Nowhere

There is much to like here at first glance; choice peelers half unridden,cosy groupings at ease in the afternoon(?) sunshine,snug vans, gorgeous sunrise (sunset).

Very nicely done gazzer, it’s a credit, you should be proud and word is is that prints of ‘ The Bus to Nowhere ‘ hang in garages and living rooms across the nation. The original is very competitively priced @ $5k AU, not bad for a few hours work, and that’s $5k US as well as if it matters these days.

However there are several problems with the image, and without being overly pedantic we would kindly draw your attention to (1) There are no kids in the shorey! Where are they? There are always kids in the shorey. This oversight does you no credit.(2) I’m counting only three boards to service eight bodies – and (3) Nobody is cooking. Whoever heard of a bunch of surfers all set up like this without a 24 hour fire on full inferno to cook the fish somebody out of the picture is surely catching down on the beach by the rivermouth, and that’s (4) by the way.

(5) Everything is way too neat, surfers are slobs, this is a known and well-documented fact and a basic error of judgement that alone alone dims our appreciation of your efforts here Gary. You know better. Where is the tinny dump, the fly infested pile of garbage. Where are the clothes that should be hanging off all the car doors – Why are there NO MOULDY TOWELS .. !? (and that’s 6,7,8 and 9 sport)

The real tragedy though is (10) The positioning of the vehicles, as a matter of fact GB has got the daily double here as he has placed the bus in the direct path of the washout that those stormy skies will surely deliver down the bush track, and even if this doesn’t happen the next high tide will inundate the site.

The roadkill is a nice touch, and we respect the authenticity shown there.

Another Art Surf Check for the convenience of Members and their Guests.

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  1. Mr Wolf #

    Not sure aboout the Kombi Campervan for era I suspect is portrayed in the work. Better represented would have been someting much more clapped out with perhaps a plume of smoke eminating from the open door

    January 31, 2011
  2. davo's liver #

    Along with Mr. Bowe’s 10 observations and Mr. Wolf’s very important 11th observation I might add that I don’t see any bugs. I don’t mean fly infestation around the garbage (that isn’t there), I mean no chiggers, jejenes, mosquitos, biting spiders, etc. No scorpians either. WTF is the deal with that?

    Good on the guy for scoring enough for a solid indo trip, but surf art just don’t get it for me.

    No jury rigged saltwater shower either.

    January 31, 2011
    • we have brown snakes davo – and there’s one just out of picture on the track – heading down

      February 2, 2011
  3. Shane Fisher #

    Well Pete, you are an complete ingonaramous when it comes to painting. Notice the peeling brown brake of the trees, the lush ventage and the rusty roof of the Hippy Mobile. The reason there is no children, is because it is the sixties. Same said children are being conceived in the vehicles, this is Eden. Or a pretty good resemblance of Eden.

    May 24, 2015
  4. Bob. #

    Gary BIRDSALL does brilliant art work.
    Your comments are very ordinary to say the least.

    May 7, 2016

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