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Posts tagged ‘surf art’

the old couple living next door

surf art

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pascal bompard

"While researching a possible career in illustration, and being a keen surfer, I noticed that the genre of "surf art" had potential, but was also cluttered with some of the worst kitsch I'd yet seen." Pascal Bompard.

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gary birdsall, his art

Gary Birdsall's name should be whispered with great reverence, he has credentials - he's from Cronulla and he's a goofy foot. Gary also likes to do a bit of art .
Come with us on the journey.

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jay alders – ‘ right past the light ‘

Mr Jay Alders does not muck around with surfers' feet.

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yeehaw .. ! by pamela neswald

Pamela has painted a reasonably heavy woman wearing a skivvy and string bikini bottom riding a yellow board on a blue wave. The woman is sans brassiere, unattractively so. She is also wearing lipstick, eye-liner and earrings. She is surfing. Somebody needs help here.

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surf art, and why it should be avoided

some of us surf, some of us paint - some should stick to photography

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