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joel parkinson cutting back

A Parkinson cutback

(1) The left leg that is driving the board’s velocity  through the arc is being steered by the  (2) right foot that is providing the steerage and push through the fins that in turn are being accelerated by the  (3) right arm which is at  full extension which adds weight to the  (4) shift of body mass that will be soon defined by the (5) fingers (antennae) of the left hand when they touch water (see how they bend towards the surface of the water), that’s how you tickle the back of your wife’s neck as you pass by her at the dinner table.

(6) The head is already positioned for the imminent change of direction and is close co-ordination with the (7) eyes that are mapping the possibilities of the terrain about six feet in advance of the next move.

– and how else could he release the backhand rail so quickly if it wasn’t so thin

– and stepping back in time we can surmise that the lack of rooster spray at the top of the wave can only mean that this is the fast-end manoeuvre of what must have been an outrageous round-house.

–  And lastly we can commend the career pro boofhead for pulling off such a good move with a bare chest –  doing it without a contest singlet – a step backward is a step forward if you know what we mean.

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  1. Best wishes Pete. Keep pushing that pen and the submit button…

    December 24, 2010
  2. cheers brew – stuff’s coming out me bloody ears —

    December 24, 2010
    • Mike #

      What you fail to appreciate is as Parko “lifts” out of the first stage of this turn, he opens his hips and his chest to his future…. the key to running both template and rocker through the turn completely.

      Flawless, nice pic Petey…. happy gift giving day

      December 24, 2010
  3. Peter McClelland #

    Ahh, you guys… missed the point again and, this time, the subject!

    Parko, this ‘aint. Anyone with half a brain can see this is Don Draper.

    Logos, sponsor’s watch, FCS… need I go on?

    As Walter Benjamin would say, ‘the subject [Don, not Joel] is transfixed in the camera’s gaze, looking away… frightened, timid, exposed…’

    It is November, isn’t it? 🙂

    October 21, 2013
  4. Roger #

    Problem with a lot of Parko’s cutbacks, like this one, is that they are not-so-carve-y redirects into carving backside bottom turns. Hopefully his four fins have him carving right from the start these days.

    January 8, 2014
  5. sjh #


    January 8, 2014
  6. Sorry

    I realized one should elaborate some what , the writings are not about the technicality of surfing rather freedom of the expressed word , the chosen word and I quote “that’s how you tickle the back of your wife’s neck as you pass by her at the dinner table.” now that’s style, and that is what we come in search of ,not a critique of someone else’s surfing style because that would be quite simply grotesque and more suited to the popular idiots guide to crap that modern surf writers produce in monthly glossy no good even for toilet paper let a lone a improvised hand rolled chillum magazines…


    January 9, 2014

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