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brent asato cutting back

This is Brent Asato, he has kindly submitted a snap of himself for criticism and review.

Brent is cutting back.

Mr Asato looks to be in fine balance here, and the fact that his board is at 2.00 rather than midday matters little as he appears to have worked up a fair rate of knots on what looks like a relatively tame wave face.  We note that Brent likes to use the ‘ swivel ‘ as a means of bringing the direction around the required 75 degrees, we also note that he has placed little dependency on his rails and instead is relying on his back foot to do all the pivotting and his front foot for the direction – Don’t show this to your shaper lad, he wants all the board in the water.

We must however comment upon the position of the arms, both of them. They are nicely weighted and attractively positioned but Brent, they are in the neutral position – they are neither forward or back, neither here or there  – they are not included in the manoeuvre Brent. As a matter of fact the whole body from the waist up is on holiday – We feel that the pic was taken on a day when you have been out there for 5 hours and have scored about 30 waves – This is a cruise Mr Asato, there is no drama, neither is there much evidence of a credible displacement of water.

Nevertheless we thank you for your submission and hope that the scrutiny assists in a better understanding of your technique –

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