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mick fanning cutting back

Workmanlike, that’s what this is, a tradesman’s change of direction. Mr Fanning has foregone the opportunity to route his board through  a roundhouse 180 degrees in order to snap up a manoeuvre that ignores hard power through a soft wall for a quick point score backslash along the top.

Like an ice-cream with fudge topping, the thing is quick and delicious.

But this is surfing and we don’t do fast food, we do the undigestible – with chilli flakes.

His trail though shows his great professionalism in that it demonstrates how he has translated a quick forehand turn midway up the face into a powerful arc back – Big man, lots of weight, easy wave, slackarse photographer – He could have done better, the snapper that is.

We don’t like the trailing arm though, it looks too ready for the turn back, it’s too planned, too regimented, the chap probably has a coach with a drinking problem and  a very unregulated DVD library.

All up the pic is at best ordinary, and if it’s the only one you have ever seen of ‘ White Lightning ‘  you wouldn’t think that he would be capable of rising to such star status – We worry about the passive signage here though, and the relegation of a favoured pointbreak to a hazy and indistinct background – Most of all though we question the predominance of the disturbing new swastika of the corporation logo. Fifty years ago that mob would have copped a brown-eye for their presumptions, and if you don’t follow that particular train of emotion you don’t know enough Kiwis.

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