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A long time ago when I was a powerful executive responsible for the finances of a US owned software corporation I thought a presence in Linked In might assist in my meteoric climb to the big money  … trouble was the site demanded you list all the jobs you once had and why you were no longer on their particular payroll.

No problem.

Well, there was that dogs body’s job at a second-hand car yard in Sydenham, then the counter jumper’s position at Farmers in Sydney, a couple of months tending bar at the Royal Oak in Double Bay, a year at the Bondi Diggers changing kegs, another year doing the same at the Centennial … then a period overseas where not much is remembered followed by an invigorating spell in a Byron Bay slaughter house, five years learning a trade at Tech then a long spell trying to control the spending habits of a bunch of wind-wankers building racing yachts and not forgetting the above mentioned software job and being nurtured by a homicidal bunch of yank spivs. Not to mention being neutered in every way possible by motley crew I was thrown in with.

Thirteen years ago I deleted my Linked In page quit Sydney and moved to the back of Byron. Got feral. Grew stuff.

One month ago I re-listed so I could get in touch with just one individual, this time leaving blank everything they wanted to know about me: jobs, companies, colleagues, organisations, qualifications … they got nothing.

Today Linked In emailed me, saying




Your work and accomplishments are being recognized





How good is that? They remember me.


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  1. Bennison Books #

    Australian Gothic.

    Love this pic. 🙂

    February 2, 2023
  2. Shane Fisher #

    Your lucky, among my tight circle, Ok,

    February 20, 2023

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