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hannah montana made me surf

K-Mart, Lismore.

Custom ‘ Hannah ‘

Back before we read Nick Carroll’s illuminating opinion in the last edition of Kurungabaa – ‘ The New Sarcasm ‘  – the sight of this particular abomination would have set us off on a torrent of abuse and bitter criticism.

Now things are different. Now we have the love.

Now there is no more saying what we would once – now is the time for a little care and reflection. We too can look beyond the surface image, and there is depth here –

Imagine you have a daughter who has been caught up by the Hannah Montana marketing division’s lures – She has a room full of Hannah’s Chinese made dross and you my son are poorly out of pocket because the infant is only eight and the Montana folks want to keep her on the nipple until she’s about fifteen / or Ms Montana is in that quiet little room with nice views with Ms Lohan.

Buy this item for her Dad, and when summer comes by have her paddle around on it in the pool, swoosh her around a bit, get up a little momentum – and when you think the little lady is ready take her down to the beach and push her onto a few whitewater waves.

Now you know where this is going don’t you – because we all have succumbed to the lure of the ride have we not.

In a few years she will be insisting on a Nomad Chris James Series ll and a full body wetsuit – and  no longer will she be happy flying over the Northern Rivers on way to the family’s annual summer holiday at Surfers Paradise – The kid will want a three week road trip and all the points from Sydney to the border.

No more Water World – she’s out there on that artificial break at Narrowneck down the road, and every cd, dvd and Montana branded piece of merchandise will be long forgotten.

So do it Dad, bite it down, buy the board. It will probably add another ten years to your own surfing life.

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  1. davo's liver #

    Is she on Facebook?

    April 14, 2011

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