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the harvest cafe at newrybar and chef shannon – his bottle and his knife.

This is Shannon, that is his knife and that is his bottle *. Shannon is the chef at Harvest Cafe Newrybar. A modest establishment with high expectations. The owners, Kass Picone and Tristan Grier were absent today so Shanno had taken up the entire bar area for his prep station – an excellent move if only to keep an eye on the more mobile staff, all those lovely girls, all those fragrant dishes.

The symbolism exhibited here by Shannon is inescapable and detailed research has confirmed that the dagger and the bottle are indeed the ancient symbols of hospitality. The medieval English town of Chapel_en_le_Frith has as its standard the crossed sword and bottle, and argument has it that the sword (dagger) is for the unsatisfied diner and the bottle is for the satisfied. Here we have Shannon asking the question.

‘ Go ahead punk, make my day.’

What was encouraging on this day however was that most of the staff thought that the old gentlman taking a pic of Shannon with his iphone was a just bit of a giggle, particularly when the old boy asked chef to put on his best scowl. Shannon found that that was way too hard to comply with and could not restrain himself from grinning, what with the loud snorts of laughter coming from the kitchen. This behaviour could unfortunately herald the beginnings of a disciplinary problem as kitchen staff historically have no appreciable station in life, they are there solely to serve the chef, and to keep him happy.

Chefs you see are moody individuals, they are prone to sudden rages and periods of morose discontentment, the more volatile of them will not eat what they cook while others will gnaw at old bones – none of them can be trusted about women, they create dishes that owners cannot afford, they argue and fume and drink from their sleeves. A woman married to a chef knows what it is like to be married to a woman. It is written.

Shannon is said to have learnt his trade on the local rugby football field and he holds that a couple of years as a second rower in the reserve grade side is experience enough to equip any man for a life in the kitchen; kitchens being what they are – hotbeds of emotional turmoil, ungovernable appliances, despotic owners, desperate relationships, myriad breeding insects and unrequited longings for the lovely girls who look after the customers.

The Harvest Cafe at Newrybar stands just a little south of the Bangalow turn-off and is the only offering of fine food on the highway ….. It is recommended for a superior nosh either going to or coming from the border pointbreaks.

* Wild Turkey

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  1. Steve Shearer #

    It is indeed……and even worth it for a quick cup of Java on the way through.

    Just be watch out for speeding B-Doubles on the southern exit…..

    April 15, 2011
    • This could be worth a serving of verona choccy cake on the house you reckon?

      April 15, 2011
  2. Steve Shearer #

    Hell yeah…wait for Christy to get back from PNG though..she makes the best cakes.

    April 15, 2011

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