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sometimes a man cannot resist ..

Here we were sitting in the local pub on Friday afternoon playing Keno, watching cricket, drinking beer and waiting for something to present itself for our amusement, like the three gents sitting at another table who were all wearing pointed and highly polished shoes, too-tight trousers white shirts and no ties. Even without being able to hear what they were talking about we knew, we knew.
They lounged, gesticulated, scoffed … no doubt talking about their successes in the week just past. There was an immoderation in their public attitude read as offensive by the working class present. Then they all got up to go. Didn’t even clear their glasses. Left their chairs in disarray.

’You blokes aren’t dentists are ya?’ Enquired one of the Keno players as they passed our table.

And was hardly spared a glance.

’But you do the same thing, don’t ya.’

We laughed. They left.

Walked up the road and rejoined their colleagues in the local Real Estate office.

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