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the stew

Uge at Aquabumps takes pics of Bondi almost daily and for this we are profoundly grateful, plus he doesn’t charge for the pleasure.

Here’s how it goes.

Early am and the alarm rings so it’s out of bed, into the sluggos and down to the beach. But the objective is not to slip out and score a few body slides, not to raft out a baited line around the back of the baths in the hope of copping a fresh fish for breakfast, not to paddle out and join the throng thinking there might be an empty wide one nobody else notices … no no no .. rather than cop an invigorating immerse in the purely beautiful clear water of the benign Pacific today this mob is going to stand in line and wait to self-dump into a plastic bucket of iced water thoroughly seasoned by the odiferous expellations of those many others who have long been in and are now long gone, some to the infectious diseases unit of the local hospital.

Check the pic. Nearly everybody looks happy about self-dunking themselves into what could only be a stew of mobile flesh eating fungal bacteria. And who takes a shower before hitting the beach? That guy you call to unblock the drain in your shower stall? Ask him to show you what blocked it.
So I’m thinking that when they empty those tubs after everybody is done there might be a large collection of small pieces of the human anatomy in there that need to be netted out first, plus a couple of bales of pubic hair.
Where does that go?

This is Bondi. And this is not good.

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  1. Bizarre. Utterly bizarre.

    February 10, 2023

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