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who plays soccer?








Lionel Messi knows what it’s like to have four guys wanting the wave you’ve already caught, like these four in red here – Granit, Fabian, Stephan and Ricardo the other  – all they all want is Lionel’s ball. Messi spends his professional life being surrounded by players who want his ball. Because when he’s got it he owns it.

Fuck yes.


Ask Mark Mathews at Solander when he’s playing out there, when his wave comes, ask him if he owns it.

mark mathews

< This is him, at rest, and the committee likes the dag look T, tradition isn’t dead.

The thing with surfing and soccer is, is that we only go one way at a time, and flap around a lot when we have to change direction. We give hand signals so everyone gets the picture.  Remember Peterson’s little arm pump, jiggajiggajigga, even Nat Young picked up on that, that and long blonde hair and slapping coppers in public places.

Lionel doesn’t do that shit, he just sits the ball up in the middle of the enemy and lets them guess which way everything is going.

What do reckon he’s going to do next, ^ up there? The Swiss guys are being paid millions to be fooled by a man with the centre of gravity of a ghost.

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