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help wanted

The FBI were hiring, looking for a ruthless, cold-blooded psychopathic killer. Thousands applied for the job and after a month a shortlist of three was presented to the Director.

Two men and one woman.

They were asked to come for to his office a final interview.

The first man was called inside.


Then …

The Director handed him a gun.

and told him his wife was behind a closed door in an adjoining office. Pointed at it.

Said she was sitting in a chair in there, waiting for him.

The Director told the man to go into the room, close the door then kill his wife. ‘Do that,’ he said, ‘and the job is yours.’

The man walked up to the door, opened it, walked inside and closed it.

One minute passed.

The man came back into the Director’s office and handed him the gun. ‘Couldn’t do it,’ he said, ‘she’s my wife!’

The Director told him to collect his wife and leave the building.

Next. The second man was called in into the Director’s office.

Ditto procedure.

Five minutes later he came out, said he couldn’t do it, ‘I’ve been married to her for five years!’

He too soon left the building, avec spouse.

Then the woman was called in to the Director’s office. She was told her husband was sitting on a chair in the adjoining office. She too was handed a gun and told to go in there and kill him.

She opened the door and went in.

Then …

Then an ominous quiet before the Director heard a series of thuds, grunts and the sound of a heavy object hitting the floor.

The woman finally came back into the Director’s office and handed him back the gun. She looked a little disheveled.

’It’s full of bloody blanks,’ she said, ‘I had to kill him with the chair.’


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  1. Lorraine Lambert #

    We women have a good work ethic. 💜☮️

    February 12, 2023
  2. Gold

    March 20, 2023

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