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surfers are subtle seducers

Surfers aren’t modest, this is inbred. Surfers who have spent over fifty years changing under a towel on a crowded beach in summer or the meagre shelter of a toilet wall in wet weather will confirm this. Some of the more superb specimens in terms of physique and hairstyling are known to put on a show during the beach routine from time to time in order to beguile whatever lovely is happening to glance their way.

Surfers are subtle seducers.

Given that messed up psychology –  why are surfers so modest in the boardshort department  .. ?

quiksilver board shorts.jpg


The pic is of the Quicksilver Mens Highline Pro 19″ – $199 plus delivery add to cart. You’d be lucky to see your knees in these.

.. and, just quietly, $199 is a big number to spend on something that usually ends up balled up in the boot of the car with the wet towels and empty 4x cans.

Why are boardshorts so long?  Half of the blokes in the water these days spend hours of quality gym-time each week and here they are covering their pumped thighs and lower keg with a wrinkle free Chinese made composite.

What’s the fashion story here?


south bondi

Was there one?


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