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col collyer ..

That’s young Col backed up against the club door sucking in a little sunshine rather than listen to the bullshit Yates and Mulhall are participating in and you want to know why? Because Col was always meant to be in the Real Estate business and what better place to start his first million than by charging admittance to the Polio Pit to anyone unwary enough to ask permission get inside and savour the members’ delights without a badge.

Like the out of towner in shades and shorts on his left .. not going to happen without paper says Col, the door is mine and it’s shut.

Over there on Col’s left, the untidy piles of clothing and towels thrown on the ground? That’s theirs, the out-of-towners, inside the luxurious surrounds of the Pit is us. We get the lockers, carpet covered board racks, fully equipped ding repair room and hot showers, the Member’s bar, lunchtime buffet and deep massage on the big days.

Col has been in touch. He has photos of Bob Barrett, Brian Morris, Ross Kelly, Geoff Rule, The Head, John Burgess, Zulu, Wheels, Magoo, Bluey & others.

This is a good thing.


a typical buffet at the south bondi boardriders club, circa 1959.

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  1. Last time I heard from Col he was flogging Real Estate in Port Macquarie

    January 18, 2019
  2. Terry Jenkings #

    But you forgot to include the
    “ Pronto Pups “ and “ Astra Pies” in the buffet Pete !!!! It couldn’t be a Sth Bondi Feed without them included.

    Really interested in those photos mentioned.
    🤙. Terry Jenkings.

    January 19, 2019
  3. Terry, you’re not the only one interested … Col also said he had one of Dina Merrill (Hollywood actress) in suspect company …. and Ted, Brenda B is apparently living just down the road at Newrybar.

    January 19, 2019

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