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byron bay’s masterplan

Byron is buggered, this is a well known fact.

It was buggered from the moment the blubber factory laid rails on the pier to bring whale carcasses into their iron-roofed sheds. Then it was buggered for the second time when Walkers decided to use the same facilities to slaughter the cows and pigs raised by cattle farmers who blew in from Milton and all points south of Wollongong after the timber-cutters buggered the hinterland by cutting down the Big Scrub and clearing all the land.

This was after the local constabulary and their local helpers buggered it by laying bloody waste to the local tribes and claiming what belonged to them now belonged to themselves.

Nobody I know remembers little Ginty Marr who must have been taken by something big enough to bite hamburger sized chunks out of his tinny before it was washed ashore on Main Beach without him.

Nobody I know remembers the satisfying thunk of a NSW fist on a QLD jawbone at the Pier pub on Saturday nights – those days are gone.

But the problem remains.

This bloke: Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart.

Pic by young Ms Kirra Pendergast, daughter of Max who is closely related to The Big Stomper, a Lismore lass.


Mono is a convenor of an outfit called SOLAR – Save Our Local Community – Mono cares for Byron Bay. Mono is also a carpark enthusiast. He doesn’t like the plans to remove the carpark in front of the top pub at Byron.

Today’s Byron News (17 March 2016)

” .. we want to maintain it (the carpark) as a traditional Aussie surf carpark … we don’t want it to be a sterile, over designed place transplanted from somewhere else.”

See that strip of virgin sand and scrub behind old Mono there, stretching all the way down to Broken head – how good would that look if it was a ‘traditional Aussie surf carpark?’

Mono, my advice is to take a break son, get your head and sunglasses out of the local newspaper and catch a few more waves. Getting rid of that carpark might be the first step in fifty years in un-buggering Byron Bay.


The Byron Main Beach carpark.

Feel the traditional Aussie surf carpark serenity.


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  1. SjH #

    A lot said in those last few lines , nicely put together PB

    March 19, 2016
  2. Mono, by all accounts is a local legend and good bloke to be around. Trouble is with legends when their time passes they like to park their cars in the front row of the car park and stand around all day bullshitting.
    I used to see a lot of that at Avalon.

    March 19, 2016
  3. SjH #

    PB no shortage of that at the point in Margaret River , I choose to avoid it …

    March 22, 2016
  4. Dave #

    Mono = Roy

    May 16, 2016
  5. Back in the day when I was taking pics of Avalon for Realsurf – especially the good days at south Av when the left broke into the pool – Roy would spot me from the water and give me a little wave. I thought it unusual. The Avalon Mafia wasn’t happy with me at the time and Roy was up there in a hierarchical sense.
    Then, later the same morning, I’m having a cup of tea on the verandah and there’s a knock on the front door. It’s open.
    There’s Roy.
    ‘Get any of me?’ he enquired.

    May 16, 2016
  6. Dave #

    That’s peninsula gold – I remember you sneaking a few pics from the 200SX, around sunrise as we would get changed from LA, making sure the lens was pointed northwards

    Least it want Krausey going ape shit at you again

    May 17, 2016
  7. Krausey .. wasn’t that a long battle. He had a front row North Av carpark spot one good New Years morning, alone in the car, I’m just over by the fence with a few mates and they all know how things are between me and the big K so I say to them,
    ‘Watch this.’
    I walk over to Krausey’s passenger side window, it’s open, I stick my face in and when he turns around to see who it is, I say happy new year.’
    I offered him a hand.
    He shook it.
    Peace on earth, and in Avalon.

    May 17, 2016

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