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farmed leopards

I have a daughter who likes shoes, it’s a woman thing and my fair wife is a party to the condition.

They both walked into a shop in Bangalow today; a hinterland hamlet a little quieter than usual with so many excited locals down in Sydney for the Mardi Gras – that thing.

This shop had a pair of leopard skin slip-ons for sale, female variety, available at the bargain price of $350 the pair. And on the bottom of the sole was a little sticker that said the skins were peeled off farmed leopards. Euthanised, hand reared farmed leopards.


They also had a pic of farmer Bill the leopard man on a window poster, he was all smiles and goodwill. This product was moving in Bangalow.

Problem with old Bill was that he had no hands.

No worries said Bill, further down on the poster. With leopards, shit happens.




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