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vic hogan .. justly remembered

“Vic Hogan has just died at the age of 100 at Bondi Beach, a place he loved. God only knows how many decades he surfed there and the stories he could tell!

After riding boards, he got onto a Paipo and loved it. He even brought it to Hawaii and surfed the north shore with Rick de R and me (Mike Bennett) He loved clothes and shopped non stop with my wife. Unlike Andy Cochran I could trust Vic alone with her.

None of us could ever get his age out of him, and thought he was a lot younger!  Kind of like Wheels. I was lucky enough to talk face to face With Vic via Face Time a couple of weeks back. He was in good spirits, looked great and we had a fun conversation. Passing away at 100 with a great life behind you, we should all be so lucky!  He left behind his daughter Sherrie and granddaughter Bonnie. So long Vic, you were a great mate!”

Words by the Canadian Kook  …


This isn’t Vic, it’s George Bernard Shaw with his favourite Paipo. Jack London gave them a shot as well when he was in Hawaii, so Vic’s in good company.


L to R
Vic Hogan
Rick de Ruter
Paul Lechner
John Wheels Williams
Ron Adler
Taken quite awhile back in Hawaii – Mike Bennett
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