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andy c and the bikini bottom









Andy C. was gorgeous, you only had to ask him.

He was a fireman for a while, stationed in the Elizabeth Street station in Sydney, and he could be seen leaning against the station doorway at the busiest time of the day – Andy with his firecock pomade and easy ways, purring throatily at the women who passed him by. He carried a comb in his back pocket, unbelievably so in these unselfconscious days, and he whipped it through his curls from time to time. It left a little grease patch back there, just above his arse – though nobody ever noticed.

We would watch him at South Bondi on the weekends, all of us about fourteen and checking Andy introduce his hand down the back of his girl’s bikini bottom – he was giving us all the wrong lessons, but it was truly righteous viewing.

The vision is still there, fifty-three years ago that randy bastard .. and it was a pale green, and small, the bikini bottom. Just as well we were all lying down at the time.

Isn’t life a mercy.

Lennie Sinclair, now there was lad – smart Lennie with thick glasses his glib tongue and his mocking ways. He never showed up at Jack Mayes’ funeral which was unlike Len, though we did keep him a seat.

Now Lennie and I were paddling out by that little reef at south Bondi this particular day, the surf was boisterous but nothing too big to worry anyone and about halfway out we both paused to watch Andy C on a tandem ride with some beauty who was silly enough to accompany him out into deep water.

When paddling tandem Andy would rest his chin right on the girls backside, Central Station, and as the wave reared up behind them  he quickly g0t up onto his feet and brought the girl up with him with his hands under her arms. This was the proven technique. Masterful stuff. Puppetry in the surf.

This time though they both came off in the white water and after Lennie and I surfaced when the wave passed we looked over to see Andy C waving the girl’s bikini bottom in the air, and I swear that there was a low cheer of approval from the crew further out the back.

Meanwhile both the girl and the board were tumbling away somewhere in the welter, lost to the elements. Then Andy tossed the rag away and went after her on a rescue mission. The bloke could swim like Johnny Weissmuller (he was an early Ian Thorpe, he was also Jungle Jim).

That was Bondi in our time.

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  1. I loved Johnny Weissmuller – so yummy 🙂

    almost as much as I love these guys

    sorry – couldn’t help myself…

    October 25, 2011
  2. Red Ted #

    I don’t know about Lenny but Andy C will be here from Hawaii on Saturday 3 December to present a trophy at the Bondi Longboard Club Christmas Party at the Icebergs. Hopefully Magoo and Dooley will also be there.

    November 10, 2011
  3. Last I heard the old lad weighed in at about 15 stone, but with with his hair still on – and Wheels is a little on the limp now (also in Hawaii) – buggered ankle, no more tennis – just as well there’s you and me still looking good RT, though you could work at it harder.

    November 10, 2011
  4. Red Ted #

    Just spoke with Wayne Packham who told me Lenny has also put on a bit of beef and is living in the Gosford area. I caught up with Wheels in Hawaii and also his first visit back here but missed him last time earlier this year.

    November 10, 2011
  5. got an email address for sinclair ted?

    November 10, 2011
  6. Red Ted #

    Still waiting for Wayne to get back

    November 10, 2011
  7. cheers ted, I sent AC a copy of the bikini yarn

    November 10, 2011

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