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Posts tagged ‘South Bondi’

bob barrett, robert g barrett, author..

Big Unit Bob was attracted to Handsome Bill, because Handsome Bill attracted many, many lovely women

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andy c and the bikini bottom

Nobody was sexist in the 60's - that came with freedom of expression.

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erin and the idealogy of hate

We would croon soft and intimate abuse as he raged back at us for our illegitimate insults; us, the founding Bondi Fascista.

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les girls, the boys from the cross come to bondi, things do not go well.

1961, bondi is invaded by the transvestite dancers from the kings cross nightclub, 'the all male review' - everybody hurts

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cliques, the bondi variety

These lads are known to meet from time to time around one of the tables of the Great Northern in Byron Bay with their part Filipina grandchildren squabbling around underfoot, and they mutter and grumble over their drinks about typhoons and squalls, and Catholic wives.

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