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the new surf-pro look for 2016

ad copy only (no further distribution)

to : sales and marketing / national *** pty ltd

from: creative division partner

Subj: new look 2016 / pro surfer

cc: int. sales and marketing *** pty ltd

ref: 2016/ male/ 1

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hi guys, our critical read of the current mission as itemised in the contract is that we need to help create a better pro surfer image – not so much boofhead ? – this is based on the fact that about 85% of your customer base is so far from the sea they wouldn’t know jordy from that little Italian guy from cronulla, whatsisname, mick chocolotto. That guy. Old fellow with big jaws.

– whatever; a few images and styles follow. Surf’s up dude.

Image 1

The Offshore Guy.

We love this look, this suggestion that marries youth, style, colour and a stiff offshore breeze. The whole gizmo is that we have the offshore guy ready to go, almost. He’s stripping off the coat, next will be the hat, then the jumper, shirt, tie, singlet, sweater, duds, underduds,oversocks, shoes and regular socks, bracelet, watch and rings. The red boardies might need some timing, you don’t want to be taking something off and then putting it back on, (possibly another pair, Rhonda .. ..  your thoughts?)

That’s a lot of product right there and if we badge it right then you could be moving whole ensembles into the shopper’s basket, we’re looking at sale multiples here. Win Win, shareholders and management.

The ecstatic look is just right for the clubbing pro-surfer as well, those guys like to chew down on a little pharmacy – soul arching on the dance floor, whatever grooves their moves.

We like this, very much –


Image 2

The WTF! Who Dinged My Board Guy.

Two BIG things, (a) we have a really sensational blond hair surfie look and (2) a bit of the animal. Frankly, this fellow is in a fine rage, totally untucked – one can only imagine the glower as he checks out the damage. We think that the red sets off the drama beautifully as well – and a little touch of the air hostess strangely works quite well. How many times have we seen one of those dollies looking down at what needs to be cleaned up I ask you. Lovely colour match too.

The symbolism here is that he’s a regular foot (note left knee) – We need to keep in touch with the basics of surfing here.

note: Rhonda has helpfully pointed out that the pic may really be female .. .. !!?  – check hair and posture .. angry ^  female? Did we miss that .. ?

Need we worry? Lets serve it up to the two markets then, or possibly three – even surfers cross-over you know. What was the name of that big lad from Queensland, lawyer chap, wears a dress now, that fellow – and the other bloke with all those dreadful tattoos.

Australians too, both of them, are we missing something here? Rhonda? What are they wearing?


Image 3

The Does My Head Look Good In This Guy.

Not all surfers are boofheads, we know that this is so because they are the ones who don’t buy your product – and this is why we are here presenting today.

We think we can appeal to the zany fellow, the joker in the pack with this club look. Look at the contrast here, the mix of mild grey to army khaki stripe, the weapon’s strap accessory and the bucket on the head.

No frivolous capery necessary to enhance the image – we have the surfer’s clothing wrinkle, the dud apparel fit top and bottom, the expressionless face. (Rhonda .. why am I thinking major Boofhead when I’m looking at 3 .. ?)

Let’s put this one at the back-end of the show, maybe add some gloves and a knapsack. Hey, and what does the bucket look like the other way around?


Image 4

The Guy Out The Back Guy.

This is sensational .. !!

How many times have we seen a fashion that devolves from the simple action of sitting on a surfboard and waiting for a wave .. ? How many ? .. Just once, and it’s here, and it’s NOW .. !

We believe that the thought that went into this creation deserves some applause .. (Siimon .. where are you?)

Let’s deconstruct the image. From the waist to the carefully oiled hair we have  formality, from the waist down pure and utter in the water informality, right down to the booties. There’s a dichotomy here, that’s the word – the vibe, too. Fucking immense.

The poise is thoughtful and modest in expectations, the outfit sombre, yet we have the surfer’s outlandish sense of rebellion – no socks .. !! This checks all the boxes and could herald a new examination of the pro-surfers’ motives and vision of life.

This is outstanding vision, remarkable. This will sell by the bucket-load. Which reminds me .. can we do a hat here? Rhonda?


Image 5

Flash .. Flash .. Flash ..

The OMG is it Dawn Already Guy.

There are times in this life when brilliance and creative mastery comes out front and absolutely smacks away all the pretence. The lone surfer rises in the silence of dawn as he silently prepares himself for the early. He rips away the confines of his sleeping bag and stomps through the garden flowers in his shoes and socks.

This is the shot !

Let’s break it down –

Surfers wear board-shorts, they sleep rough, they arise at dawn – in solitude.

All covered.

What really makes this a groundbreaker is the chopped sleeping bag, how many times has the surfer tangled himself up in a nose to toe sleeper when the dawn demands a quick exit .. ?

We are ready to go from the get-go here, zip and flip – (Rhonda, just two things, flowers and socks .. .. re-think, K?)

This is a stand-aside image, this is an iconic representation of the essence of feral surfing – a wild man at dawn – ripping away the pretences of modern life as he prepares to mount his wave-steed and ride to glory .. .. !!

– fade to black, everyone clap and don’t accept credit from these corporate bastards, they pay in 180 days, if you’re lucky.

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  1. “deconstruct” is just a fancy way of saying “fuck”. you really want these guys don’t you pete.

    August 5, 2011
    • We need the change Al, I want to see these kind of guys on the podium – we need sensitivity and nuance, love and peace and carefully ironed clobber – Clif was right ‘ It’s not what you are, it’s what you look like ‘ – and I’m not ashamed to quote him, though stu is a worry (he’s been so quiet) –

      August 5, 2011

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