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ballina. being there.

Going to Ballina is looking around, hoping for something to come visit. And with Ballina it doesn’t take long.

There’s this little parking space behind the new Woolworths, behind a couple of shops the big store didn’t swamp, like the leather and lingerie peekaboo emporium that has some grannie taking the change. Plus an Indian frozen chapati outlet and a pie shop. Parking’s a problem there for all these people because of Mr. Tennants.

This guy. Spot 1


– and again, Spot 2


All the numbers, Spot 3.


Everybody else can go park whereverthefuck they want to. This is Ballina.

This was just a drive by, but when a town offers so much a man has to take a look around. Out by the airport isn’t a bad place to blow a little smoke and then set off on leg two. Found this straight away.

We print … ” etc.


We means that somebody is inside ready see you about this offer, this service, and human contact in times of doubt can be re-assuring, unless you’re in Ballina.

A swept back little young guy is at the photo counter, in five years he’ll be selling second-hand cars in Palm Beach or homes in Wategos. Nice to see you, he says.

You too, we says.

What can I do for you?

Well, he asked, so we go in.

‘That sign out the front, the one that says you’ll print my digital prints. Does that mean that if I bring in my digital prints, you’ll print my digital prints?’

Right between the eyes. We left the building.


Ballina has a fine little tobacco and pipe shop just past the CBA front door, and Ballina also has a fine little population of smoke blowers as well. So here’s this half-haired fellow standing in the shop and in front of the door and in everyone’s way, he’s not out of it, he’s just out of it. There is a finite difference. It’s like taking one as you find one.

We walk up, business here done, and say to him, ‘scuser mate.’

He jumps a little and laughs, says, ‘Sorry mate, I’m away with the fairies.’  We say, ‘ well, you’re in the right shop for it.’

There are five people doing business in there, and they all laugh. It’s nice to spread the vibe around, isn’t it.

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