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the lennox point hotel – no longer the bloodhouse

The Cook, The Doorway, The Knife .. get the fuck out of my kitchen

Callum does not quite own the kitchen here, Troy is the chap in charge and the go-to sausage guy.

The lovely girl who runs the bookings and plays the till says Callum is just a sweet puppy-dog.

Pit bulls were puppies once.

Callum assists in keeping the people fed at  Rubys; a choice little venue with tables on the top verandah of the pub which itself looks out on the surf and over to the point – which is 4′ to 6′ today with a solid westerly flow and a steady and even groundswell coming all the way across the Tasman from that dense little low sitting off NZ.

Callum says gets out there regularly, and he doesn’t mind visitors from the big smoke, as long as they eat his sausages and don’t sit on his inside – the knife goes everywhere you see.

Soul food, The Points sausages

Sausages, to my fair experience, that are grades in front of anything I’ve eaten (sausage-wise) since 1953.

They are better than good, in fact they are bozo rated – and the pub is a fair venue.

So do yeself a favour. This is good glue.

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  1. Always love a good snag – your post has triggered a moderate yearning for home…

    September 17, 2011
    • THIS IS PAYBACK BEAR – sorry mate, I got excited there – but those snags are nectar

      September 17, 2011
  2. Well now I’m hungry…for sausage…hehehe…and my mind is in overdrive 😉
    This blog is bad for me…

    September 18, 2011

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