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the billabong teahupoo 2013 pro – a look at the minor contestants. (4) rancy pages

The 2011 Tahiti Billabong Pro comp is underway and the world’s best have gathered here to compete in one of the more dangerous events on the surfing calendar. Teahupoo is almost impossible to paddle into when the wave gets to a serious height and any miscalculation can become very serious, many contestants are injured, and many lose all their confidence when faced with a massive heat.

Here we look at the new-comers, the minor contestants, and we examine their equipment choices.

 < – – – – Rancy here, preparing for a go out.

Rancy is at the forefront of new wetsuit fashion this season, he doesn’t see the need for so much functionality as funkionality – which incidentally is the logo call when the Rancy Range of Wetsuits is released.

Funkionality .. we think we like it…. funkionality … yeah, that’ll work. 

You may be wondering why we have such a strong shoulder statement here, and whether the arm cut-outs might rip a fair sized chunk off under his arms when a little hard paddling is required – like this Saturday at Teahupoo when Rancy meets Jordy the Sith Ufricun.

Fair enough, so are we, and we’re working on it.

The other practical challenge we have with the RRoW – that’s the Rancy Range of Wetsuits – is that they will wear a little on the tight side if we have to incorporate a zip closer. You gotta admit that young Pages here isn’t exactly a Tarzan variety of surfer and even he might lose some chest hairs if he had to zip that mother up ..

Yeah, if he had any … heh heh heh, I know, I know, I’m just write the ad copy – The best thing you could say about this item is that if he gets launched on Saturday it might work as a parachute. Maybe punch a few holes in there and lace it up with pink ribbon.

Sorry, sometimes this job gets to me.

You may be wondering what the suit consists of, yeah? .. Foamed neoprone, nylon, double backed neoprone, blind-stitched double backed foamed neoprone sheathed in nylon .. ????

How the fuck do I know…? … they come from China in a big box and we multiply the cost plus freight by think of a number and buy blind-stitched double backed foamed neoprone sheathed in nylon zip-up bags to hold all the money.

Sam Hawke pic by Josh Humbert

rinky dora – here

ralph karadjdordjic – here

Trooper Swatch – here

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  1. Hope you have more!

    August 26, 2011

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