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a multiplicity of abominations


How can a man stoop so low as to be seen publicly going for a surf in the passenger seat of his girlfriend’s car?

Look at the steering wheel .. faux leopard skin –  for the love of the Almighty! Now let your eyes wander to the cartop and the two boards tied there, I’m betting that the mal belongs to the lady and that means we have abomination heaped on abomination.

It has to be HER car. Because It’s red. Men do not drive red cars!

She rides a mal.

She drives.

There are baubles hanging from the mirror … !

Surfers have a hard won reputation of being lowlifechauvinist dopesmokingbludgers .. and yet we see this type of indecency published on the net, by Getty images no less.

Another small point of order that is impossible to overlook is that there appears to be little protection between the two boards. This is most unsatisfactory as the finish on the red board will suffer, and it’s HIS board too, the fool, that’s what girls in red cars will do to you my lad.

One could surmise that the only reason she is happy to be seen in his company is that his board matches her car. Makes your skin crawl don’t it ..

Resist, remember from whence you sprung.

This is a public announcement for the good of the nation.

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