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the avalon nuggets

I was reminded of Avalon the other day by Dave.

The period from early 90 to 2005 – prime time.

We were talking about Roy Leggo when Realsurf had a man on Avalon station, the time Roy was muscle on stone. He only talked to surfers he didn’t know when it was time for them to go in.

But he did wave his arms around a lot on his backhand bottom turn.

This is what I told Dave.

Back in the day when I was taking pics of Avalon for Realsurf – especially the good days at south Av when the left broke into the pool – Roy would spot me from the water and give me a little wave. I thought it unusual. The Avalon Mafia wasn’t happy with me at the time and Roy was up there in a hierarchical sense.
Then, later the same morning, I’m having a cup of tea on the verandah and there’s a knock on the front door. It’s open.
There’s Roy.
‘Get any of me?’ he enquired.

Then we talked about Krausey.

This bloke came out of the volatile bottle, so I helped him fizz. It helped that old Krausy was bigger than me because in my books if things get so difficult somebody has to punch someone it has to be the little bloke who punches first, otherwise it looks bad.

This is how that went:

Krausey .. wasn’t that a long battle. He had a front row North Av carpark spot one New Year morning, alone in the car, I’m just over by the fence with a few mates and they all know how things are between me and the big K so I say to them,
‘Watch this.’
I walk over to Krausey’s passenger side window, it’s open, I stick my face in and when he turns around to see who it is, I say ‘happy new year.’
then I offered him my hand.
He took it.
Peace on earth,

and in Avalon.

header pic by bruce usher – I only wrote this so I could use it again.


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  1. Shane Fisher #

    Peace on Earth, Please.

    May 21, 2016
  2. Dave #

    Nice ….. the bigger man is not always the biggest man

    May 24, 2016

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