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the first teaser

They called for him in a dark Buick and took him away. Nobody saw anything.

He was fully dressed, bound from shoulders to shins in war issue duct tape, roped to a kitchen chair with clothesline and gagged with both his socks. His feet were submerged in a bucket of cement and both his knees had been shattered with a hammer so he could not move and disturb the hardening. He had screamed into his gagging, sucked back air and screamed again.

They threw his hat overboard and used it as target practice. Everyone had guns.

When his feet were set in stone two men came for him, lifted him to the top of the boat’s rail and tipped him over the side as everyone crowded to watch. The last thing he heard was a woman’s shrieking laugh.

The book is getting close. We’re on the final draft and scraping away the unwanted commas and adjectives. A severe prune. I want to be able to read it in the eight hours it takes to fly from Brisbane to Hong Kong and booze comes with the ticket when you’re up front.

Above ^ is a throwaway, but there will be blood.


The Bookmaker from Rabaul ..


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