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fooling around in avalon

Two benches outside Woolworths in Avalon, them and the low brick wall behind, plenty of room in the sun about 11 am.

It’s Saturday and what’s happening about two hundred yards away – south end – is a bit on the ok side.  Has been all week so these six young fellows sitting on the benches and along the wall have been playing surfing all morning … playing at surfing  ….

They’re looking at the folks leaving the big shop, old folks young folks, and especially the Avalon folks. Get one of these and it’s a double hit, that’s if you know. Which you can’t. That’s the rule.

They don’t take turns, the first guy who calls owns the game, and they only call  one-at-a-time. The rule is you can’t call someone whose name you know, we said that before in another way.

He calls out ‘GWEN’ .. as a little lady wobbles past on a frame, keeps going.

That’s a miss.

The next guy waits and hits three blokes all coming out together, boofheads.  ‘ ANDY’ ..

also miss, maybe he should have tried Troy.

Little blonde haired mouse, the youngest of them, probably the best in the water and for all of that he is punished regularly, grabs a call.


– and just coming around the corner here he comes, and he’s looking at which one of these kids knows him .. but this is the rule, none of them do, that’s why the kid is getting hooted and fived on the benches. A hit. A random name call on someone you don’t know whose name it is.

He scored on Jarrod.

Snr. Constable Jarrod Pierce, in his name’s fuller narrative.

Pleased to meet you.


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    September 11, 2013
  2. onya dan

    September 11, 2013

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